The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises children to visit the dentist before their first birthday (and every six months after that). Even though early visits may not involve as much as a traditional exam, they are used to monitor oral health, help your child build healthy life-long habits, and allow children to have a positive outlook towards the dentist’s office.

When choosing a childhood dentist for your child, the type of treatments can directly affect their growth and development. While there are many pediatric dentistry practices in New England, many parents choose holistic (or biological) dentistry for their entire family over traditional care. Below are three advantages to selecting a holistic dentist over a standard dentist for children.

Gentle and Practical Pediatric Dentistry

Many adults and children alike avoid and fear the dentist due to aggressive drilling and other outdated methods. Thankfully, holistic dentists actively choose ways that are optimal for developing teeth, gums, and mouths:

  • There’s less drilling and more gentle laser dentistry. 
  • Also, instead of traditional x-rays that expose patients to radiation, holistic dentists use digital radiographs.

Biocompatible Materials

What does “biocompatible” mean? If you’re wondering, it means that the materials used are not harmful to living tissue in the body. Biological dentists prioritize using biocompatible materials to promote safety, including substances that are:


Cavities are a common health problem in children, affecting 42% of children aged 2 to 11. To prevent tooth decay from spreading, dentists must remove the decayed tissue and rebuild the tooth with either a filling or crown, typically made from metal or composite material. 

Today, adults are removing their former metal fillings and crowns and are replacing them with composite or ceramic ones. Why? Biocompatible crowns and fillings are more natural-looking, aren’t sensitive to temperature, and are considered safer by many dentists internationally. Hence, this is why holistic dentists do not use metals in the first place. 


If you’ve noticed white streaks on the surface of people’s teeth, then you’ve seen the signs of fluorosis. This irreversible condition is caused by overexposure to fluoride over long periods and develops while the teeth are still forming under the gums. For this reason, children around the age of eight and younger have the chance of permanently developing fluorosis. Because of the risky and questionable nature of fluoride, biological dentists avoid using it entirely.

Consider Overall Wellness

What makes holistic dentists stand out is that they understand how the mouth and entire body work together to optimize or deteriorate overall wellness. Systemic-oral wellness is understanding how the mouth has a symbiotic relationship with all systems in the body. For example, when patients experience gingivitis (inflammation in the gums), they often experience inflammatory responses throughout the body. Uncontrolled, chronic inflammation is linked to almost every major disease, including cancer, heart disease, and mood disorders. When biological dentists treat gingivitis, inflammation typically decreases in the whole body.

Learn More About Pediatric Dentistry Near Cranston, RI

By choosing a holistic pediatric dentist, your child will learn early in life how to take care of their teeth at a young age so that they can have a healthy smile for life. At Well Rooted Dentistry, our pediatric dentistry team is committed to preventing and treating oral health conditions to establish a foundation of excellent health for your children. Schedule a pediatric dentistry visit with us by calling (401) 443-4007 or messaging us online today.


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