Assessments by Your Holistic Dentist in Providence, RI

As the window into and the mirror of the body, the mouth can hold the key to health issues behind your smile. Oral exams conducted by our holistic dentists in Providence, RI can uncover systemic imbalances, chronic inflammation, and undiagnosed conditions. Learn more about the holistic dentistry assessments offered at Well Rooted Dentistry.

Comprehensive Biological Assessment

This is an in-depth initial assessment advised for all new patients of the practice. We will discuss your oral health goals in detail and review your dental and medical history. Next, diagnostics will be gathered in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. This thorough evaluation includes radiographic imaging, a series of intra and extraoral photos, oral cancer screening, periodontal and gingival evaluation (gum and bone health), charting of previous dental work, discovery and charting of any existing or potential problems, and a plan for therapeutic and preventative care. Comp exams may also be indicated when you have significant changes to your medical history and may be one of the most important things you can do to maintain your oral and overall health. In addition, our team will provide you with a number of educational resources so you can be well-informed about your treatment options.

Review of Findings

This appointment follows your comprehensive exam. Between the comprehensive exam and the review of findings appointment your dentist will take time with your x-rays and collaborate with our oral radiologist, photographs and other diagnostic information. Having this time for study allows for greater focus in bringing all your varied information together, along with consideration for your own goals and wishes. At your convenience, a zoom meeting, phone consult, or in person appointment will be scheduled for the review of findings where your dentist in Providence, RI will discuss with you what he or she has learned, and together you can formulate a plan that best suits your situation.

SMART Assessment

This is an additional exam, where a full mouth set of x-rays and a comprehensive assessment is performed to evaluate for SMART filling replacement. Oftentimes, a patient is referred to us by another provider – such as a naturopath, functional medicine doctor, chiropractor, or an acupuncturist – for heavy metals allergies or reactivity. The FDA recently issued recommendations for certain high-risk groups regarding mercury-containing amalgam.

Problem-Focused Examination

This is helpful when you have a specific area of concern, pain, or discomfort. During this exam you’ll have targeted radiographic imaging and testing to help determine the root cause of the problem as well as discover any contributing factors that may be present. Our goal is to give you the awareness and information needed to help create a plan for the most appropriate treatment and help you avoid emergency dental visits in the future.

Proactive Examination

This is completed at your regular hygiene visits to check and ensure that your oral health is staying on track. With thousands of scientific studies linking dental disease to a broad range of systemic illnesses ranging from heart disease, pregnancy complications and even cancer, regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups are the foundation for optimal oral health. Your proactive exams allow your biological dentist in Providence, RI to monitor your health so that any early signs of infection or decay can be discovered, preventing bigger concerns later.

Oral Cancer Screenings

These are the most important part of your comprehensive, problem-focused and proactive examinations. In addition to an external palpation exam of your mouth, jaw and neck (feeling for abnormal lumps and bumps), all of the tissues inside your mouth are checked and examined to changes and abnormalities (see Identafi below).

Dental Imaging Assessments

Full Mouth Series Digital Imaging

This is a series of 21 views showing details of every tooth in your mouth allowing your dentist to diagnose tooth and gum infections, cracks, broken fillings, abscesses and more. Well Rooted Dentistry offers the most advanced digital technology, providing images with greater diagnostic quality while significantly decreasing the level of radiation (.001 rads). All dental professionals in our center are well educated and follow the guidelines for the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), minimizing radiation doses and preventing overexposure.

Cone Beam CAT Scan (CBCT)

The CBCT is a 3-D digital scan that creates multiple images of the oral cavity. This enables your dentist to diagnostically examine your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone. The information from these images can be utilized for planning dental implant placement as well as detecting infections, such as osteonecrosis or cavitation (holes in the jawbone), and other oral pathology.

Digital Photography

A Canon Digital SLR camera with a ring flash and special lens is used to provide you and your dentist with high-quality oral photographs. These photos are assessed during the Review of Findings as an aid in understanding your unique oral health needs. It brings to “light” all those hidden back teeth, the way your teeth fit together, and so much more that you don’t normally notice in the mirror. With aesthetic dentistry, we take the shape and size of your face into account to ensure that your new smile is the best match possible.

Identafi 3000

The Identafi 3000 is an oral cancer assessment technology that utilizes multiple light wavelengths to detect mucosal abnormalities. The wand-like instrument uses fluorescence to distinguish abnormalities of your tongue and oral tissue. Early detection is key in your proactive approach to healthcare and will enable you to seek the appropriate treatment when needed. Far too many cases of oral cancer go undiagnosed. Using this technology in routine examinations can identify changes that happen over time in your oral tissue.

Special Testing and Assessments

Materials Testing

Materials Testing gives you and your dentist detailed insight into your unique sensitivities or potential reactivities to metals and materials commonly used in dentistry. Knowing this information helps identify possible symptoms of hyperreactivity you may be exhibiting.

  • Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing evaluates your sensitivity to 94 chemical groups and matches that to over 17,000 products and materials.
  • MELISA testing detects hypersensitivity to metals, chemicals, environmental toxins and molds. It can identify which metals your immune system will tolerate or react to.

Salivary Testing

Salivary testing helps discover links between your oral microbiome and overall health. These tests help determine your predisposition to periodontal disease, high caries (decay) risk, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and HPV, as well as screening for food sensitivities. Testing for the presence of high-risk, highly pathogenic bacteria allows us to offer an individualized plan of care that may include the use of antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, additional biofilm control devices, or other adjunctive therapies rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

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