Metal-Free Dental Crowns

A dental crown ­– sometimes called a cap – is a restoration that covers a damaged tooth to reestablish health and function. At Well Rooted Dentistry, we exclusively place metal-free crowns. As a holistic dentistry practice, we recognize the undeniable connection between oral and overall health. That’s why we only use biocompatible materials to promote long-lasting wellness.

When is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Your dentist may recommend a dental crown for a number of reasons. Crowns can:

  • Protect weakened teeth
  • Restore teeth with large cavities
  • Support dental bridges
  • Strengthen cracked or fractured teeth
  • Conceal intrinsically stained teeth
  • Restore dental implants

Metal-Free Materials

As a holistic dental practice, we perform materials testing on every patient. We believe that metal-free restorations are more beneficial for maintaining whole-body health.

In the past, crowns were often made of metal. Porcelain options were aesthetically pleasing but were not always strong enough to withstand the chewing forces of the back teeth. Today, we can create strong, durable, lifelike metal-free crowns from a number of biocompatible materials, including all-ceramic and zirconia.

Dental Crown Treatment Process

Traditionally, dental crown treatment took at least two office visits. Advanced CEREC® technology allows our holistic dentistry team to create crowns in one appointment, while you wait. This eliminates dental lab fees as well as the need for a temporary restoration. Here is what most patients can expect when undergoing dental crown treatment at our practice:

  • Anesthesia: First, your dentist will numb the affected tooth with local anesthesia for your comfort.
  • Tooth preparation: Next, small amounts of enamel must be removed from the tooth. Any decayed portions will also be removed during this step. Our dentists utilize laser therapy for more precise treatment as well as ozone therapy to reduce bacteria in the oral cavity.
  • Impressions: Once the tooth has been prepared, dental impressions will be taken with our CEREC handheld wand. This device captures thousands of images of your teeth and gums, then sends them to a special software program where your dentist will design your custom crown.
  • Crown fabrication: Once your new crown has been designed, the files are then uploaded to our onsite CEREC milling machine. There, your crown will be carved from a solid brick of ceramic or zirconia.
  • Placement of crown: When your crown is complete, your dentist will check the fit, color, and appearance. If no further alterations are necessary, the crown will be permanently bonded into place.

Maintaining Your Dental Crown

It’s important to not only protect your investment, but to also promote optimal oral health with proper care and maintenance. Here are some recommendations from our team:

  • Brush and floss daily. Use a nonabrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush to keep your crown in good condition.
  • Avoid certain foods. Hard or sticky foods can damage or dislodge your crown. And even though dental ceramic is stain-resistant, dark-colored foods and beverages can still discolor your restorations over time.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. Routine exams and cleanings are crucial for long-lasting oral health. During these appointments, your dentist can check your crown and ensure it is still in good working condition.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you have a decayed or damaged tooth, it’s important to have the issue diagnosed and treated right away. A dental crown can protect the tooth and preserve long-lasting oral health. To learn more about our metal-free crowns, or any of the other services we offer, contact us online or call us at (401) 443-4007.

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