Concierge Care by Your Dentist in Providence, RI

At Well Rooted Dentistry, we believe that all patients should be respected, valued, and treated like members of our own families. All too often, individuals are disenchanted by traditional dental care because they are treated like numbers rather than people. Your dentist in Providence, RI offers concierge care to local residents as well as individuals across the United States. Learn more about how our holistic practitioners accommodate out-of-town patients.

What is Concierge Dentistry?

Concierge dentistry is a patient-centric philosophy that focuses on offering personalized treatments in a warm and tranquil environment. We couple this approach with comprehensive holistic care so that you can enjoy optimal oral and overall health. With concierge care, we eliminate the corporate structure that has failed so many in the healthcare system. Unlike traditional dental offices, you won’t experience long wait times. We schedule accordingly so we can spend as much time as necessary with you. Having a full knowledge of your medical history and your oral health goals helps us deliver unparalleled service. Our practitioners are dedicated to providing top-tier patient care that is sure to exceed expectations.

Concierge Care for Out-of-Town Patients

Your dentist in Providence, RI provides concierge care for individuals across the United States. In fact, many of our patients travel hundreds of miles to undergo treatment at our holistic practice.

We believe in providing a luxurious experience that is completely tailored to your needs. That starts with proper accommodations. Well Rooted Dentistry partners with hotels in the Providence area so you can enjoy a peaceful stay while undergoing your treatment.

Furthermore, your dentist in Providence, RI can streamline your treatment plan to maximize the time spent in our practice. This allows us to perform necessary procedures in the most conservative approach available. Our clean, modern, state-of-the-art facility ensures that each and every patient receives the VIP treatment they deserve.

Comprehensive Care for Optimal Outcomes

Because we are a holistic practice, we believe in the interconnectedness of all systems in the body. Oral health is directly linked to whole-body health. For example, if there is infection in the mouth, it travels to other parts of the body because it’s absorbed and carried by the bloodstream. All systems work together harmoniously. When one system is unwell, it can have a detrimental effect on overall health.

Well Rooted Dentistry is part of The BioMed Center New England. Therefore, we have constant access to medical doctors, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, and specialists who can work with us to help you achieve and maintain complete wellness. While traditional dentists only treat symptoms, our holistic practitioners identify and treat the root cause. Unlike conventional procedures, our treatments are fully customized to the needs of the individual.

Quality Concierge Care at an Affordable Cost

As a concierge practice, we are fee-for-service. Although we are out-of-network, we still submit claims to your insurance provider as a courtesy, and you will be directly reimbursed. We are also proud to accept CareCredit® – a third-party financing option that allows individuals to pay for treatment in low monthly installments. No matter what your budgeting needs, our experts can help.

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Whether you live in Providence, RI, on the west coast, or anywhere in between, Well Rooted Dentistry is equipped to address your oral health needs. To learn more about concierge care for out-of-town patients, contact us online or call our office at (401) 443-4007.

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