A biological dentist cares about a patient’s overall health, not just their oral health. But what exactly does that mean when it comes to services provided at a biological dental center? Are those services just as safe and effective as those provided at traditional dental centers? The answers to both of those questions are yes!

The biggest difference between biological dentists and traditional dentists is that they shun one-size-fits-all dentistry. Instead, they understand that every patient is unique and that their dental treatment needs be just as unique as they are.

Here are some of the top reasons to visit our biological dental center for all of your oral health needs:

1. We prioritize our patients’ overall wellbeing. 

Traditional dentistry focuses solely on the mouth. Rarely, if ever, is the mouth considered part of a patient’s overall physical health, or is overall physical health taken into account when trying to ascertain causes of oral issues.

A biological dentist uses a holistic approach to treat root causes of health problems, not just the symptoms that present in the mouth. They are educated in how an infection in the mouth can spread to other parts of the body, and how dental problems can become the root cause of problems like poor posture, joint pain, headaches, earaches, and even insomnia.

2. We use safe materials. 

Biological dentists commit to using safe, non-toxic, and biocompatible dental materials. They never use amalgam or mercury fillings. These materials lessen the toxins that are inserted into the body and put less stress on the immune system.

3. We safely remove mercury. 

Mercury releases small amounts of vapor into the body whenever a person eats, drinks, or brushes their teeth. Biological dentists recognize that while it is important to have mercury removed from the mouth, it is also vitally important to have it removed safely. 

“Mercury-safe” doesn’t just mean mercury-free. At our biological dental center, we use the SMART technique to remove silver amalgam fillings. That means that not only is mercury removed from the mouth but that it is removed safely. The protocols that are set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology include such rules as the following:

  • Adequate filtration in every room at our practice where mercury fillings are removed.
  • External air is delivered to the patient via a nasal mask to ensure mercury vapor is not inhaled.
  • Use of an oral aerosol vacuum adjacent to the operating field to capture mercury particles or vapor released during the procedure. 

4. We use minimally invasive techniques as much as possible. 

Biological dentists are advocates for treating dental conditions without needless procedures or techniques like drilling. Their goal is to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible.

5. We use low-Radiation Digital X-Rays.

X-rays are a powerful tool when treating dental conditions. Biological dentists offer digital dental x-rays, which can reduce radiation exposure by 80-90%. Not only are digital x-rays safer, but they are also superior technologically when it comes to diagnosing and evaluating.

6. We seek alternatives to root canals. 

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures conducted and are undertaken to save a dying tooth. Unless root canals are sterilized of all bacteria, however, that bacteria can leak into the bloodstream and cause other complications.

Biological dentists seek alternatives to root canal therapy and educate patients about the potential risks. They conduct root canals only as a last resort.

Biological Dentistry Awaits in Providence, RI

Dr. Syliva Zannis, Dr. Robert Bouffard, and the team at Well Rooted Dentistry want to show you the benefits of biological dentistry not just to your oral well-being but to your overall wellbeing. Call (401) 443-4007 or schedule a consultation online today to discover the positive impact biological dentistry can have on your overall state of health.


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