Very few infants are born with even a single tooth. Acquiring teeth is a process that your baby will go through for the first three years of their life, then a few more times as molars erupt.

Pediatric tooth eruption – the emergence of your child’s teeth from birth through adolescence – is often a mystery to new parents. The dentists at Well Rooted Dentistry believe that education is key to good oral health, and that it’s never too early to start laying that foundation.

As a new parent, you’re immersed in all the exciting changes as your infant grows. The development of teeth is one of those. This is what you should know about pediatric tooth eruption.

Baby Teeth

Every human has two sets of teeth during their lives, and teeth buds are present below the gums, at birth. The first set of teeth we develop as an infant. These pearly whites are temporary, and we call them primary or baby teeth. The second set of teeth, adult or permanent teeth, grow in the place of primary teeth that naturally fall out during childhood and adolescence.

Baby teeth are tiny because your child’s mouth is small. But small teeth can’t take the kind of force and pressure that eating, especially as your little one graduates to solid food, and chewing cause, so eventually baby teeth are replaced by permanent adult teeth.

Your child will have 20 baby teeth when all these teeth come in. Your baby will probably develop the first molars, two-year molars, between the age of 18 and 24 months old.

Teething is the prelude to the eruption of baby teeth. You will know that your baby is teething because he will drool more, want to chomp on hard objects, and be more fussy than normal. Teething is painful. Little teeth press through the gum tissue, essentially cutting a hole as they break through and grow.

Your pediatrician will probably suggest that your baby has teething toys to chew. Your pediatrician may also have you apply numbing gel to your infant’s gums for pain relief.

Baby Dental Exams

Pediatric tooth eruption will lay the foundation for your baby’s oral health. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you schedule your baby’s first dental appointment within six months of seeing the first tooth.

Our dentists at Well Rooted Dentistry will make sure that your infant’s teeth and mouth are healthy. We can also give you tips for making it through the more challenging aspects of teething.

Brushing and Flossing

As soon as pediatric dental eruption begins, start brushing your baby’s teeth. When two side-by-side teeth develop, begin flossing. As your child gets older, assist him with brushing and flossing until he can dependably brush and floss by themselves.

Parents should brush a child’s teeth using an infant toothbrush and water. As a child becomes a toddler, the appropriate-sized toothbrush should be used, along with fluoride-free toothpaste. Brush your child’s teeth for him until he’s two years old, then trade: let him brush first, and you follow up with a final brushing.

In addition to teaching your child good oral hygiene habits, schedule regular pediatric dentistry exams every six months. This will ensure that your child has the best chance for great oral health throughout his life.

Permanent Teeth

We shed all our baby teeth during childhood. Primary teeth are naturally replaced by permanent teeth between the ages of 6 and 21. When all adult teeth arrive, an adolescent will usually have 32 pearly whites.

The final permanent teeth are wisdom teeth. They usually develop when a child is between 17 and 21 years old. However, some people must have wisdom teeth extracted. You’ll need to talk with your dentist about what’s best for your child.

Dental Health

Regular dental checkups and cleanings will allow our team to help keep your child’s teeth healthy. Cleanings should begin around age five. They go a long way to prevent gum disease, while checkups allow the dentist to find and treat cavities and other issues that arise. We can offer advice, instruction, and tips as well, so don’t hesitate to ask questions at your child’s appointments.

Pediatric Dentistry in Providence, RI

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