Are you a little bit nervous about your upcoming holistic dentistry appointment? That’s okay. Many of us are scared to get our teeth checked out. In fact, one recent study estimates that 60% of American adults have dentophobia, a fear of the dentist.  

The good news is that new technology is radically changing the dental field. Instead of using scalpels, for example, dentists now use lasers for certain surgeries. This reduces pain for the patient and supports recovery. 

Biological dentistry helps patients feel good and trust the examination process. They take a slightly different approach to wellness than traditional dentists. 

An Alternative Approach to Wellness

Holistic dentistry looks at systems, not just symptoms. They see the mouth as the gateway to the digestive system and the entire body. If a patient has an infection, it will circulate, affecting internal organs. 

In some cases, the opposite might be true. The organ has an issue and the mouth reflects that bacterial or viral infection. Either way, the mouth and the other organs are intrinsically connected. 

What distinguishes holistic dentistry is its gentle approach and commitment to eradicating disease at the source. Dentists know that some patients are afraid, but ask them to come to visit anyway and talk about that fear. 

New Dental Technology 

While people might anticipate painful dental procedures, the opposite is true. Gentle dental care is now the norm. Here are a few of the latest advances in dental technology:

  • Zoom! Teeth whitening

Everyone wants a better smile, but over-the-counter kits don’t always work. New teeth whitening technology allows dentists to perform 20-minute whitening sessions on adult patients. They apply a light-sensitive gel and use a special light to activate it. 

Patients with sensitive teeth should skip Zoom! and get KöR teeth whitening instead. 

  • Metal-free dental fillings

Tooth fillings were once made from a composite of several metals that included mercury. Due to concerns about its toxicity, holistic dentistry now uses metal-free fillings. There are several advantages to metal-free fillings:

  • Fillings don’t change shape in extreme weather
  • The tooth and filling bond tightly
  • Natural-looking fillings blend in with the patients’ teeth

Dentists may also be able to remove old composite fillings and replace them with metal-free fillings. 

  • Zirconia dental implants

In 2011, the FDA approved the use of zirconia for dental implants. They are as strong as titanium but inert, meaning that people with metal allergies can still get them. Zirconia dental implants are also corrosion-resistant and may repel plaque buildup. 

Dentists also perform deep cleanings, cosmetic dentistry including veneer installation, and preventative care. They use ozone therapy to balance the oral cavity and minimize the risk of infection. 

Any imbalance in the mouth is an imbalance in the body. If you have a deep imbalance in your digestive system, your dentist may refer you to a holistic doctor. 

The Future of Holistic Dentistry Starts Here

Every year, new dental technology advances the industry as a whole. Our team here at Well Rooted Dentistry is committed to using the most effective techniques to address your oral health needs. 

We use laser periodontal therapy for surgery, a newer technology that is much less stressful for our patients. Dental care doesn’t have to be painful. If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, it’s a whole new experience.

Our practice is accepting new patients of any age. Call us at (401) 443-4007 to schedule your first visit. We will meet with you and assess your oral health.


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