As biological dentists, we take pride in using only biocompatible materials in our practice. For example, we place metal-free dental fillings rather than amalgam fillings. Did you know that traditional amalgam fillings contain about 50 percent mercury? This material has been linked to a number of serious health concerns, including headaches, tremors, kidney problems, nerve damage, and respiratory failure. For this reason, many patients come to us asking if they should have their old amalgam fillings removed. Fortunately, this can be completed safely and effectively by utilizing the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) protocol.

SMART is a set of recommendations used by holistic dentists to remove mercury-laden fillings safely. Here, our team explains a bit more about the process and discusses the benefits of this treatment.

Why use SMART?

SMART was developed by IAOMT (The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology). It contains a set of rigorous recommendations for removing mercury fillings in a safe and controlled environment. This process drastically reduces exposure to harmful mercury vapor by utilizing proper air filtration and protective gear.

Benefits of SMART

There are several advantages to having old fillings removed with the SMART protocol. For example, this procedure:

  • Eliminates mercury: SMART helps eliminate harmful materials in the oral cavity, improving your overall health.
  • Strengthens the teeth: Dental amalgam expands and contracts when exposed to extreme temperatures. Over time, this weakens the tooth structure, making it more susceptible to cracks and damage. After removing your amalgam filling with the SMART protocol, our dentists replace it with biocompatible materials, such as composite resin. This material bonds directly to the tooth, giving it strength and reinforcement.
  • Offers a more aesthetic solution: Aside from the health concerns, amalgam fillings are quite noticeable, as they are metallic in color. Biocompatible composite resin can be color-matched to your surrounding teeth for a seamless smile.
  • Keeps everyone safe: The SMART protocol protects the patient, the doctor, and the entire dental team from harmful mercury vapor.

When you decide to remove your old amalgam fillings, it’s important to choose a dentist who is accredited through the IAOMT.  At Well Rooted Dentistry, every member of our clinical team has undergone extensive training in SMART because we care about the long-term health and wellbeing of our patients.

How does SMART work?

Are you considering mercury filling removal? Here are some general things to expect during your procedure:

  • Activated charcoal: Before and after the treatment, you’ll rinse with activated charcoal. This helps neutralize the oral tissues and binding heavy metals during the procedure.
  • Personal protective gear: Our team will place drapes over you to protect you from harmful aeresols and particulate.
  • Dental dam: A non-latex dental dam will be placed in the mouth. This isolates the affected tooth and protect you from mercury vapor and debris.
  • Oxygen: Your dentist will administer oxygen throughout the procedure. The oxygen mask also helps reduce the risk of fumes or particles entering the body.
  • Amalgam removal: During this step, your dentist will remove the mercury in large chunks to minimize vaporization. Suction and cool water are also used to dilute the fumes.
  • X-rays: Following amalgam filling removal, x-rays will likely be taken to ensure that all mercury has been effectively removed.

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Do you still have old amalgam fillings that you’d like to remove? The SMART protocol helps you eliminate mercury safely and effectively. To schedule a consultation at our Providence, RI, practice, contact us online or call us at (401) 533-9680.


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