When considering dental implant options, most patients want a product that won’t remind them that they have an implant. Zirconia dental implants may make the biggest splash, by making no splash at all. 

Zirconia is a material created by a chemical reaction during the oxidation process of zirconium. The result is a material with the strength and durability of a metal but the attributes of ceramic. 

Zirconia dental implants have been approved for use in the United States since 2011 and available as an alternative to titanium implants. 

Here are five reasons to consider zirconia dental implants instead of metal: 

1. Zirconia Is Hypoallergenic

Many people have or develop sensitivities to titanium implants. These reactions can cause itchiness and inflammation and can eventually lead to a loss of the implant. 

As a non-metallic alternative, zirconia dental implants are naturally hypoallergenic and don’t typically lead to post-surgery problems for patients.

2. No Annoying Metallic Taste 

One of the complaints about standard titanium implants is that they leave a metallic taste in patients’ mouths. Since titanium can corrode, patients often complain about the taste it leaves. This is simply not a factor with non-metallic zirconia

Often, metallic tastes can be indicators of more serious medical or dental concerns. Eliminating metal implants as a cause of the “taste,” can make diagnosis of other concerns simpler and faster. 

3. Better Oral Health

Because ceramic is smooth, plaque has a more difficult time grabbing ahold and hanging on. From an oral health and cleanliness perspective, this makes zirconia a great choice. Zirconia is also considered so safe and compatible that it is used for reconstruction in other parts of the body such as the hip and ear. This biocompatibility leads to fewer concerns  in the mouth down the road.   

4. Durability and Strength

Zirconia is strong and doesn’t flex under pressure. This makes it an ideal material for dental implants. Studies show that the average human bite can exert up to 70 pounds of pressure per square inch when chewing food and up to 700 pounds when grinding teeth at night. Implants need to be strong and inflexible for the job, making zirconia a great option. 

5. Holistically Beneficial

Finally, one of our favorite traits of zirconia dental implants is that they are bio-inert, meaning they won’t elicit any kind of adverse response from the immune system while it is trying to get rid of a foreign substance. This makes zirconia implants a great option for patients focused on adhering to holistic principles and procedures. 

Since it is not metal, zirconia won’t conduct heat, assisting with faster healing times. Studies have also shown it adheres to bone as well as titanium alternatives. As a non-metallic, non-corrosive material, zirconia may be among the safest options for dental implants. 

Zirconia Dental Implants in Providence, RI

At Well-Rooted Dentistry, we recommend zirconia for a variety of reasons that match our philosophy of holistic dentistry.

If you want more information as to whether zirconia dental implants are right for you, schedule an appointment at our Providence, RI office by calling (401) 443-4007 or sending us a message online. 


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